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Due to Feedback:
I am no longer going to be using the East Vs West addon for my mission. From feedback that I have received on steam workshop that the East vs West addon made it look more like a cold war campaign, that was not my intended idea. This campaign is suppose to be like 5-10 years after the ending of arma 3's campaign.

Instead of using East vs West I will be using N-Bs U.S.M.C project for all the us forces stationed on chernarus and for the cdf forces on chernarus I will be using Kaelis's South Zagorian Army Mod. Now with these new addons instead of the old East vs West it should now portray the correct timeline and so when people play it they will be more likely to think it is in the future instead of the past.

I hope you guys enjoy this massive change, I had to rework all of the current missions that are completed so far. It will take me time to convert the old missions to use the new addons. As of now the three missions above that are completed with East vs West have been converted to using both N-Bs USMC and Kaelis SZ.

You can download the three mission campaign file below:
Steam Workshop - Mission 1

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