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#163704 Posted at 2014-05-02 21:35        
# C.T : Good update! Every pack becomes a must have.

Question: Which soldier model did you change the FIA to? I switched from OPFOR to IND to get the uniform working again but I've lost my blood textures.

EDIT: Ok figured it out and got it working. I switched the model to west and then independent but didn't switch the "side" from west to independent.

BIS has FIA as a faction under WEST to fight the AAF. The way these guys are its the same side as the AAF
hello my friend
hope you fixed your problem, for me Altian means blue, fia is independent and csat are opfor, anyway i hop uoi can make many different units, sorry if i spelled anything wrong, its friday, have a drink dude on me *DRINK*