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#163744 Posted at 2014-05-03 17:48        
yeah, i've started to back off from implementing the requests for now, i've noticed some of the interesting and more possible ones, but I need to perfect what's currently there. before i carry on.

just a breakdown of what's there currently:
Two Female Heads, Oakes and Mason
A female PMC body model,
A female NATO gear setup
Oakley SI assault glove model.

All assets work but need altering:

Female heads need texture changes, normal and spec maps need to be created and added.
The PMC body needs to be re-rigged, new hands and new textures need to be added.
The NATO gear needs a new updated torso (already done) adding with a new rig.
Oakley SI assault glove UV maps need changing (I was originally going to texture as part of the uniform but decided against it and forgot to reset the UVW map) and the model needs to be tessellated for more precise weights.

i think that needs doing before any voice packs, any new heads and any new body models are ported in.

speaking of voice packs, i can't seem to get the dubbing .pbo files to open so i can't get the OA female voices or the structure of the config without them. it's probably their file size, i'm going to try a different .pbo extractor.

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