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# xXRyukyuXx : Hi,
I'm relatively new to ArmA 2 (I have Combined Operations), and to the website. Right now, I'm working on a mission where my player (I am playing as) is being held hostage. I wait for my teammate (another player, my actual friend is playing) to take out my captors and rescue me. So far, I have this setcaptive true; removeAllWeapons this; in MY player's Init field. The enemy doesn't shoot me while they guard me, and I'm totally unarmed. I want to set it up so when my teammate gets close, he and I are on a team, and I'm not longer captive. I have no idea how to do this, at all. Do I use a trigger? If so, how do I set it up and link it to my player or his player?

OK, your friend needs the "join and lead" way point on you, when he is 50m away you join his group, hope it works

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