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#166874 Posted at 2014-07-08 17:41        
SchwackerSix : Oh my bad. Dont think A2 has the main menu mod activation, you have to do with either a command line like with steam/shortcut, or use Six Updater (, which does everything for you. Principle is the same though:

For Steam: Go to steam library, right click A2 or A2:OA (Whichever the mod is dependent on,(OA if you use Combined Operations)) go to properties, and click on Set Launch Options. Simply type in:


Without Steam (Shortcut): Right click shortcut, go to properties, and use the same command line:

Ok it works thanks!

tom3kb : In Arma 2 in menu you enable mods in Expansions. Not so hard to find ;)
Actually it isn't there. I think I would have noticed it. ;)

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