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#167556 Posted at 2014-07-18 19:29        
# Evil Penfold : I was just comparing the DPM desert 2000 camo to pictures of the real life camo and I couldn't help notice that the darker parts of the camo were slightly darker and brownish than in real life(Slightly lighter and yellowish). I know you have been busy mate but would you consider slightly adjusting the camo if you have time for the next update? Once again mate, great pack and the other camos look perfect.

You are looking at the uniforms in the virtual reality cube thing though. When using that the contrast is increased A LOT and that's probably why they look darker than they do in real life. I suggest putting the units down on Altis/Stratis or whatever :)

That's why I don't understand why addon makers take screenshots in virtual reality.. in reality their stuff looks completely different.

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