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Simple Rank Patches


Simple Rank Patches makes this small addition to the game where it will automatically add their ranks to all infantry's shoulders using the insignia system. No extra work is needed, the rank patches are automatically added in any mission where the AddOn is running.

  • Universal high-res images working on all camouflage patterns.
  • Multiplayer, Dedicated Server, JIP and Single player scenario compatible.
  • Other mod compatibility as long as the uniform/ unit mod supports the insignia system.
As explained before, the AddOn takes the rank data from the ranks in the editor, it's all automatic and no extra preparation is needed. It's for people who'd like to put the insignia system to use in a more common way. Who knows maybe some clans with ranking can use this.

It's obvious that these are not all of the ranks in a real army (US for example since these are their ranks), and because of that there are jumps between our patches and actual US ranks. But these all the ranks that are present in ArmA 3 and Its' unlikely that BIS will add more in the future.

Known Issue:
Unfortunately it's not compatible with campaign save/ load. Which means if you die or continue a campaign from a save the mod will not run. This is noticeable in lots of AddOns tough, if anyone finds a solution feel free to message me about it.

Credits & Thanks:
F2kSel for fixing the script I needed for this system to run. He helped out a lot with the better script.

Thanks to NidhoggAC from BI Forums


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