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UN Units 2030

by Sabre[Dust]
V. 1.20

Just another simple retexturing addon to add a few UN Units to A3.

Maybe some of you have some requests or suggestions. I think I saw someone asking for UN units a while ago but can't find the thread anymore. Anyway here it is.

A few examples:

I updated my really simple retexture addon UN2030.

From the mod.cpp / Readme:
This is a simple Retexture Addon adding the UN Faction with various fictional units and uniforms.
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ethiopian units were added as these are currently the top UN contributing nations.
It is a work in progress so not every feature or texture is finished. Some were actually done in a hurry
More detailed textures will be added in the future. I promise : )

UN Units is released under Arma Public License (APL)
Play around with it, modify it as you wish as long as you give credit : )
You may extract textures and use them in your missions using the setobjecttexture command if you want.
It will work with most units.

Whats new compared to the older version:
- Independent faction Plugin (drag/drop faction plugin into addon folder to use)
- readded old uniforms (in UN box)

-adds a bluefor/indep UN Faction
-many vanilla units got a UN retexture of variable quality (see first pic)
-Altis, generic Woodland, generic Desert, Ethiopian, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indian UN Troops
-A few Vests and Helmets, Hats and other things
-Limited Zeus automatic support (AAF UN Faction)

-Nevbox texture templates (used for some of the uniforms)
-Uninamer for testing
-Ranwer for scripting input

my crude disarming script for the MQ4 won't work on dedicated server


BI Forums


-> Download UN2030 from Armaholic <-

UN 2030 - Version 1.2

Download Source Data v. 1.14 as reference for Addon Makers:

I am releasing the source files for this addon. I hope they are of use especially for people making their first steps in addon making:
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