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#168444 Posted at 2014-08-03 11:42        
Next step public testing. Since I am quite new to the addon making I hope you can give me some helpful hints and ideas.

This all really started off as a spinoff to my civilian units ambulance part - I had changed a few units colors to white already, so it was a logical thing to do i guess : )
It is already way larger than I ever intended.

As Big_Wilk pointed out it would be a lot nicer to have BMPs, MIs and Urals - but for the time being we will have to stick with this.

Dropbox Link for UN Units Alpha outdated, see later post

BISign and Keys will be added at a later time.
If you want to test it in MP I have Zeus with the UN Units on my testserver.

Known Issues:
- the light vest switches color from afar - as I have been told that's an issue BI has to fix.
- Mora retexturing wont work for the third layer and so I went with the wheeled bluefor APC - also a hidden selection issue.
- Most Units need a little more work on the texture details / brightness

Oh and thanks for the offer Baddazs. Right now I want to keep it as a simple unit addon - but if you have any suggestions from a mission makers point I will be happy to see what I can do. If you or anyone else want to make campaigns around this addon please go ahead

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