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#168533 Posted at 2014-08-05 07:40        
# SabreD : Yes Xof, I am actually wondering if I shouldn't just make 2 different UN addons : )

1) UN Units 2030 with the A3 units more or less in the current state of the addon

2) UN Units 1990 with M113s, BMPs, Mi17s and Hueys and others as well as different uniforms (why not Pakistani)

that second one will be a long term project though : )

That sounds good "All good things come to those who wait" Right? great mod keep it up :)

Added 2 hours 17 minutes later:

# big_wilk : Just tested it out, it looks good.

It seems logical to me to make a UN2030 and UN1990 as it saves some MB's for those who don't want the futuristic stuff and vice versa.

I just stuck a AK47 in this guys hand and they look fairly good. Would look ace with some Pakistani uniforms and BTRs ect.

[ IMG][/IMG]

Also some moded uniforms:

[ IMG][/IMG]
With Saber's permission of course think you could send me a link to these?

Please do not quote embedded images!

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