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#168554 Posted at 2014-08-05 14:41        

Added to the list under Scripts:

Infantry Occupy House Script SP/MP
by Zenophon
This script teleports AI units into the nearest building at appropriate window positions.

Garrison script A3 [BETA] SP/MP
by zorilya
This script will allow you to make a more lively urban environment where you have to
check every window and door in every house, the Ai will patrol and garrison nearby buildings.

Grimes' Building Occupation Script SP/MP
by Grimes [3rd ID]
This script provides the mission maker an extremely simple way to occupy a set of buildings within a radius with a random or fixed amount of AI.

Infected Script SP/MP
by gulozwood
Spawns infected in houses

Civilian Occupation System (COS) SP/MP
by BangaBob
Civilian Occupation System efficiently populates all towns and villages with realistic AI civilians
and vehicles when needed and removes them when not needed.

Civilian Patrol Script SP/MP
by [b]Leberwurst
use script to simulate a living city.

Random House Patrol Script SP/MP
by Tophe of Östgöta Ops
This script will allow you to have a unit patrol a house, randomly.

Simple AI Recruitment Dialog / Script SP/MP
by Dadds Army
this will allow you to recruit different types of AI into your squad.

Simple ParaDrop SP/MP
by Beerkan
A simple ParaDrop script that works with both AI and Players.
If you guys see any addons, mods, scripts, ect,. anything dealing with AI thats not currently on
the list please post your reply, or send me a pm and let me know and i will update the list accordingly.

Thanks Foxhound for making this list a sticky!

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