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#168570 Posted at 2014-08-05 19:55        
Put this in your units init lines:

remove allweapons this; this addweapon "classnameofweapon"; this addmagazine "classnameofmagazine"; this addmagazine "classnameofmagazine"; this addmagazine "classnameofmagazine";

You just need to add the classnames of the weapons and magazines from those AK mods instead of my "classnameofweapon" etc. You may find those classnames somewhere in the mods package if the author was so kind : )

Or drop an ammobox from an AK mod in the editor and get an AK from there.

Updated the test Package slightly,
-UAV Terminals working again,
-Textures of Vest, Kuma and CRV updated

Version 06 Alpha(check first post for newest version)

@Armaholic staff: not public yet but soon :)
I'll fill out a release form then ^^

oh and big thanks for testing guys, much appreciated!!!

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