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#169366 Posted at 2014-08-19 09:17        
Well, I'm liking the project, and will give you some pointers. First the good things.

It's nice that you take the time and effort into making this mod. I've been waiting for one :)
I'll be playing it a lot when it's released.
The basic shape of the crown vic is also nice.

# Crazydudeg47 : Hey max how about this vest for LAPD SWAT, it's their vest

No. It's not any more. That is the LAPD's old vest. To be precise it's the Tactical Solutions International Law Enforcement Officer vest with M.O.D. system (buttons and velcro). In short: TSI LEO MOD vest. It has been discontinued and phased out. TSI was acquired by a south-african company named Saunderson Security, and they still produce a version of the vest found here. However, the LAPD no longer uses it.
Currently the LAPD use the ProTech FAV Mk II vest in tactical black.

Here's a few pictures of mine:

In action:

# Breech99 : And if you do a new model of pd vehicle, don't forget the push bumpers!
Westin Push Bumpers

The LAPD rarely use push bumpers on their cars. And if they do, they use the GoRhino! push bar:

A few pointers regarding the uniform. The LAPD does not have a patch on their arms. They only use rank insignia on their upper arms, and higher ranks have insignia on their forearms aswell:

Only traffic officers have a Traffic officer patch on their shoulders, like this (LAPD Captain, Traffic Officer):

Furthermore, officers rarely have their covers (hats) on when paroling.

Otherwise, this is the look:

I like the Beretta 92-ish gun. Too bad it's chrome in color, but I guess it's a work in progress?

Regarding the Crown Vic, like I said above, it's basically OK, but some details aren't. The lightbar to start with, looks like a Whelen Edge 9000 / Whelen Legacy mix. The LAPD's main supplyer is Federal Signal. Primarily they use the Federal Signal Arjent lightbar.

You've also written "Safety and Service" on the back of the vic. The back of an LAPD squad car does not have that motto there, especially since the LAPD's motto is "to protect and serve". The back of a real LAPD vic looks like this:


Also note the lack of those rear flashing lights you've added for some reason... there's no need for rear flashers on a police cruiser, especially a city cruiser, because the obstacles you're trying to pass are already behind you :)

So you've got a bit to go, but so far you're doing great. Let me know if I can help, even though it's been a long time since I last did a mod. I can always dig up info on the LAPD, which I have a lot of.

Aaaaah... memories...

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