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#17101 Posted at 2008-02-17 14:41        
Foxhound : [quote]tutmeister :
@Heatseeker, I think the revive script is the single biggest "teamplay enforcement tool" out there.

I totally agree with this. No respawn in most cases wont lead you to victory if your playing with a limitted ammount of players but want to play the bigger missions.
For those the revive is perfect IMHO.

Run and gunners wont be revived cause they are to far out and leave cause they have to wait, so it works perfectly for good team play :)

i started reading this post...and i wanted to post about the reviving script and how it fits all the about the heatseeker was asking....until i reached the bottom of the post where i was completely covered...:)

still the revive script is evolving....and i still think that we need more revive missions and a good database where people can find revive missions.

i had suggested that to BIS to include it as standard option but never heard from them. I think is an option that promotes proper teamwork (if correctly configured) and also keeps the fun in the game...the only thing i wish BIS could give us is when a player falls unconscious when disconnects and reconnects to fall unconscious on the same place. I think revive fits the bill and strikes the balance right in the middle of tactical/teamwork and fun.

Another thing that i find in mission is helping a lot...yet some people might argue is not realistic is the markers, where everyone's name can be shown on the map. That helps a lot to coordinate people and especially people that are playing on the server and they are not on TS as u can instruct them easier.