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#171437 Posted at 2014-10-07 20:02        
# McKeewa : Hi, first of all, very refreshing mod.

But after just doing the "training" mission. I got a lot of errors (not a lot, but looped)
I got a 2.7 Mo .rpt, if you know what I mean, there was an error and it looped.


your problem seems very strange.

I'm not at home right now and am traveling for my job, so I'm not able to help you as far away from my PC.

Try to re-download the zip file, and reinstall.
I have no returns, similar to yours, and I hope this is the only functional mod bug.

Please, keep me updated about the progress of your problem, so that I stabilized the mod.

For information, I programmed the mod with ArmA3 Vanilla, so as not to be influenced by any mods or addons.

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# proftournesol : Now that you edited the OP i see what it is about.


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