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added the following threads to the list

So, AI can still see through completely obscuring grass and shoot at the player.

Questions and Answers
How do you order an AI to arm/rearm at dead soldiers?

AI controlling zeus possible ?

Want to find proper A.I. mod for multiplay

Is there a way to turn off AI auto engage?

Please recommend a noob friendly gameplay AI mod

Does AI air transport not work by AI??

Is there any mod that makes your unitl stay in formation?

Order AI to use specific weapon?

When to use AI mods?

is it the AI that effects the FPS the most?

Force AI slots in editor

Mission Editing & Scripting
Individual AI hold fire command

How to order a Squad to Get in multiple vehicles several times.

Max numbers of units per group

Force Ai to attack if player is in trigger

Make AI stay stood up

Infantry sitting on armor?

Manipulating AI subordinates gear in MP

Editor based AI spawn by trigger

AI Squad respawn problem.

Disable AI from fighting back in Init line?
Went back 10 pages on BIS forums for the general, troubleshooting, questions and answers,
and editing and scripting forum sections,if I missed any threads let me know, all threads listed have answers to them.

Added 13 hours 19 minutes later:

added addon

R3F AiComTarget SP/MP
by ~R3F~ Mapoule
Improve AI's behavior, fighting skill and player detection.

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