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Hello! First time poster here! I'm a Photoshopper/skinner and long time OFP/ARMA player. Finally decided to go and make my own mod. I hope I don't offend anybody, because it's a actual wargroup that is still at war today. The whole reskin has no meaning to me except I was missing a faction between the Takistan army and militia maybe even a middle eastern faction that can fight another "Arabic" faction. My goal is to "copy" the Takistan militia and reskin them in a more blackish colored skins (based on IS) and more vehicles (Coyota, SUV etc).

- Reskin all the Takistani militia men to IS'ish colours (WIP)

- Add logo's or do total reskin's on militia vehicles (WIP)

All the above is working in my game. I added all the skins to my main .pbo's (characters_e and vehicles_e). The part I still have to learn or maybe if someone could help give me the resources needed below.

- Add an IS group under OPFOR (I'm still struggling to cut out the militia faction from the characters_e.pbo)

- Add some more plausible vehicles to IS faction. (I want to recreate IS in the ARMA universe so stolen Takistan army vehicles are possible but so are the US vehicles and armor from "Iraq")(T-55, T-72, desert skin M1A1, M113, BMP-1)

- Add Takistan militia men with reskinned balaclava. (elite group with stolen "Iraqi" US weapons)

- Make it a mod .pbo so others can use it.

- Optional: Takistan army copy to resistance side to "recreate" Arabic faction vs Arabic faction with aid from west.

Unit Roster (concept)

- Takistan militia (IS reskins of the Takistan militia Men roster)

Men (special)
- Units with US equipment. (US helmets, M16A4's)
- Full black outfit and balaclava. (Takistan milita outfit with skimask or maybe just a black reskinned Cher Guerilla?)

Future fictional units
- Higher command unit
- Better and more expensive branded items.
- IS unit mixed with Immortals from 300 (IS black skin with mask and silver attributes)

M113 (white with big logo's)
M113 (default skin with added a logo)
T-55 (default skin with added a logo)
T-72 (default skin with added a logo)
T-72 (black version with big logo's)
M1A1 (default skin with added a logo)

HMMWV (default skin with added a logo)
HMMWV (black version with big logo's)
Civil SUV's

MI-8 (black version with big logo's)

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