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#172862 Posted at 2014-11-13 08:34        
# Grimfist :If you or foxhound prefer I'd be happy to continue this through pm as not to hijack the authors thread. However more public discussion surly is in your and quite frankly, human civilisations favour.

Since a dicussion like this has only one outcome (not in the sense you can not discuss it but because this is the interwebs) and it will be colored with politics, cultured believe/whatever, faith related, historically "colored" opinions etc, I rahter have the both of you drop the subject here as we do not allow any such on Armaholic.

There are forums dedicated to this where it can be discussed to death and than even more without any side changing or ever reaching an agreement (like real life?) or respecting eachothers opinion.....but Armaholic surely is not such place.

The addon maker makes this addon the way he wants, and if he/she chooses to represent a faction in a realistic way than he can do just that. Thats so cool about a game..... at least we can all go kill some pixels representing IS morons with a huge smile on our face. Or they can be used to blow pixels representing us/me up with a huge smile on our face (if you prefer it like that).

So yeah, unless you have to discuss the actual addon/work, take it to PM or just drop it.

** (but dont come to me reporting any of those PM's cause I really dont care about this crap on the internet and if you want to waist your time be my guest but not my bother)

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