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#172870 Posted at 2014-11-13 14:14        
# Grimfist : I know a fair bit actually. I live in a predominantly Muslim area. I have read the Qur'an and understand your belief better than most having to live along side it every day.

This attitude and the fact you are telling me to 'stay out of it' is one of the reasons Islam is viewed how it is. Why no discussion? Surly with everyone 'staying out of it' then Islam has no way to defend itself. Because a video of men slaughtering literaly hundreds of men, women and children at point blank range for not being Muslim while flying the 'black flag' with said text is just the latest of fantastic PR releases.

Swinging back to the original point, as foxhound said, IS do use that flag. The author wants to add IS. Censoring it is an insult to history. How can society advance if we hide/change and cover up the past?

Why not start by explain why you are offended? (If you are personally at all)

If you or foxhound prefer I'd be happy to continue this through pm as not to hijack the authors thread. However more public discussion surly is in your and quite frankly, human civilisations favour.
im not personally affended but when most people view this stuff branded as islamic groups , that offends me cuz islam isn't terroristik or anything ,its a way of life and such .
there are Shia and Sunni ( sunni is the real islam , shia are extremes and doesn't represent our religion in any way )
foxhound can you delete all of our comments