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#174723 Posted at 2014-12-29 06:34        
Hi, I'm new to editing Arma and I want to ask the community for some help.

I have edited the Vanilla M8s (the ones the PMCs use) so that they are available for US Army in Warfare maps (in particular Benny's Warfare maps). I want to make some edits to them in particular I want to remove the Burst fire mode and I want to change the names of each M8.

On the config.cpp and CfgWeapons.hpp I removed the text "Burst" under modes[] = {"Single", "Burst", "Fullauto"}; and under displayname = "M8" I changed it to displayname = "M8A2".

After saving these changes and putting them back in, I checked in game and the M8 rifles still have burst fire mode and the default names still show.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong here. Could anyone here help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

2, get support at KEDAMA. (°д°)

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