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#174872 Posted at 2015-01-02 15:48        
Hey everyone,
Yesterday, I bought Arma 2 complete edition on steam and today I started playing the campaign.
I absolutely love it and it's been working great so far, up until now...

I've come to the point where I have to investigate 3 different locations in Chenarus, so I get in the support Venom and direct it to the first location (Specifically to a safe landing spot I'll add..) but everytime when I arrive there, the helicopter randomly decides to land on top of some trees and crash the goddamn thing! EVERY SINGLE TIME! I've tried so many times, but it keeps on being a dumbass.

Any solutions to this are highly appreciated.

-King Potato

Edit: I should mention that he always attempts to land in the the same spot – regardless of where I place the marker – where I can sometimes disembark with my team, but he will crash anyway when trying to get in the air again

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