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#175118 Posted at 2015-01-09 11:22        
I not only write through machine translation, and I read messages through machine translation. It is natural, that sometimes there are incidents. But in this case it is not dramatic. I assume, that illustrations will necessarily be useful to players who for the first time install optional-elements.
Now I understand your question. In the new version @SRCW_mоd will group with equipment from "East vs West". Categories: Armored, Mechanized, Motorized, Air. Display-name these groups will have the prefix "SUD".

To be fully compliant with «ALiVE» required to make information about groups in «ALiVE».
Need a new version of «ALiVE», which included information about SRCW_mod. Will ALiVE-developers realize «Optional»-groups in ALiVE? - It is unknown. Implement permanent groups - is they are able, no doubt. A Will the connectivity «Optional»-groups - is unknown to me.

To all: Please write short, simple sentences. Long, complex sentences very distorted in the process of translation. As well as, advanced rephrase your suggestion if it can be ambiguous.