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Hello Wodzu. Thank you for making this.

I'm eager to try out your superb looking units, BUT the addon has at least one broken file in it. Every time I try to load a mission in the Editor, I keep getting an error message about a "vehicle" file and/or "pleckaki" one as well. It happened very late at night, so I'm having issues remembering the error message more precisely. I tried to load up more than one type of unit, and if my memory serves me correctly, I got different error messages based on what I was trying to spawn on the map.

Any chance of your expanding on your post apocalyptic units? Setup 4-5 different factions/groups for the Editor? It'd be nice to see one faction that customizes its uniforms with more than just differing camo colors, such as how local flora is "woven" and tucked into the gear that they're wearing.

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