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I´ve recently tried some new tools and techniques when creating fictional terrain for Arma 3.
Usually I delete my projects when I´m done because most of the time I don´t add any detail.

This map however, turned out quite nice. So I kept working on it.
This is what I´ve got so far:

  • 8.2 x 8.2 km
  • northern European setting
  • 10 - 15 small villages
  • 3 bigger cities

More images here!

The map is using Arma 2 vegetation assets and will require something like AiA!

These are the tools used for creating the fictional island:
    Terrain creation
  • World machine basic (complete fictional and random terrain using errosion)
  • L3DT (resclaing terrain and adjusting rough parts)
  • buldozer (smoothing roads and objects)
  • Texture creation
  • L3DT (very basic ground texture and !mask_layer!
  • Gimp 2 (modifying sat_map and mask_layer)
  • Google earth pro (getting real world land textures for overlay on base texture)
  • Object placement
  • World Tools 2 for Arma2 (Still works with Arma 3)
  • V3-TB-Object-Importer (convert World Tools exports to new Arma 3 standarts)
  • Config editing
  • Notepad ++
  • Sublime Text 2 (my favorite)

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