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#179071 Posted at 2015-04-24 16:12        
when a converting a World tool file into a txt file that like it


You see, there is 2 "" so the program cannot load it cause he need just 1 "

I have tried to erase 1 " and its works but i cannot do that for the other 25 000 tree, so , wtf ???

How you made this work ?

Nice island anyway :-)

Sorry, bad english

Also the .exp is fine; "b_FicusC1s_F";7108.987;20473.067;0;178.000; no "" is just the converter that add it

before the convertion (.exp): "b_FicusC1s_F";7108.987;20473.067;0;178.000;
after (.txt): ""b_FicusC1s_F";7108.987;20473.067;0;178.000;

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