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#180246 Posted at 2015-06-13 19:33        
# Foxhound : Thanks again for the updated release mate :-)
News is up on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here:
Thanks again mate *THUMBS UP*

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# niloy_kumar : thanx *YAHOO*
Cheers *THUMBS UP*

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# J.Cook : I would like to suggest something for all of the packs. Having more backpack options (aka. retextures) of all the backpacks would be cool. And the new vests from the marksman dlc would be cool to see re textured. Just suggestions. New update is great by the way.
i do have plans on adding more stuff but wanted to get all my packs bugged free and up to date with the rest of my packs.
Afghanistan pack next to update which will be cleaned out as i have not worked on it for a long time then jump onto sp pack and add more stuff so that new stuff can be added in my country packs. Thank you all for comments *DRINK*
Cuban Pack is coming soon

Follow my other work
U.S pack V2.3 here
UK pack V1.5 here
Netherlands Pack V1.2 here
Mexican pack V1.1 here
Colombian pack V1.2 here
Altian pack V1.3 here
Australian pack V1.2 here
Canadian pack V1.2 here
Afghanistan pack V1.2 here
Bulgarian Pack V1.0 here
SP Pack V2.5 here

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