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#181653 Posted at 2015-08-03 00:43        
So, update

you can download the P1G-TAC "Field Toad" and "Steppe Toad" uniforms and equipment only addon here:

And you can download the Ukrainian Naval Infantry Specops faction addon here:

And really great thanks to Armaholic for publishing the addons here.

Added 2 hours 19 minutes later:

Still not sure what to do with the hood scirpt.

The question is: should it remove the headgear/facewear automatically. The problem is that some facewear like masks doesn't really fit it, but others perfectly do, and hard-codding such stuff is just wrong, since who knows which addon are you using the uniform with.

And also the problem is throwing the headgear on the ground if there's no room in bags/vests/uniform, some people might not like such approach, lol :(

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