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Sentinel - Outbreak - Esseker Edition

B. Robertson

This is a sandbox style mission where the player must escape from a region where there's been an outbreak of a highly contagious rage-inducing virus, which turns those who have been infected into blood-thirsty, violent lunatics.

The mission begins with the player - the lone survivor of a plane crash - regaining consciousness and realising that the rest of the crew have vanished. As a result the player literally starts alone and empty-handed and will need to make use of whatever weapons and equipment they find scattered around in buildings, vehicles and dead bodies in order to survive long enough to find a means of escaping the country.

The player isn't alone however, and trying to stay alive is made even more challenging as they will have to either evade or kill the crazed remnants of those that have been infected by the virus; as well as groups of non-infected survivors that still roam the land and make their living through the indiscriminate murder and looting of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

  • Randomised starting locations and random loot spawns in almost all the buildings mean that you'll have a different experience each time you play.
  • 3 Different ways to complete the mission, including 2 different methods of escaping from Esseker and a highly optional 'King of the Wasteland' ending for the murdering sociopaths among you.
  • Random Bandits/Marauders spawning at certain locations and with random gear.
  • Simple text based narration courtesy of IndeedPete's conversation system.
  • Vehicles that have a random chance of spawning at certain locations, each with varying degrees of fuel remaining and damage done.
  • Hordes of infected that will pursue you relentlessly for as long as they can see/sense you, with more spawning closer to villages and cities.
  • The infected can cripple/kill the player with several hits, and will damage and eventually destroy the player's vehicle if they managed to swarm around it and keep pounding it with their fists and rocks.
  • Fully compatible with ACE3.
  • Custom sounds and textures for a richer experience.
  • An underground bunker area that is created through the clever use of scripts and existing structures, it's not pretty, but it is functional.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

  • Edited Game Logics and Triggers to make the mission compatible with Eden/Apex, the mission should now appear in the scenario list again.
  • Added a new Bandit camp at the junk yard, South of Petlov Grad.
  • Added a few more spawns to account for the new locations in the most recent version of Esseker.
  • Changed the waypoint for the UN Helo to make it more likely to land on the roof of the hospital.
    The drawback is that it sometimes turns it's engines off after touching down which isn't as realistic, given the scenario.

  • v1.0.3
  • Changed the base units and added new textures to the infected to make them look like they're more suitably well clothed for a temperate environment.
  • Added a trigger to fully repair the escape helicopter after it's manually repaired and refuelled by the player, this will disable that annoying master warning alarm.

  • v1.0.2
  • Added more bandanas and sunglasses for the Bandits, and made some of them spawn without hats and bandanas to add more variety.
  • Added a few more entries into the init.sqf file to trip a lot of the trigger conditions on mission start to false, this is the default trigger condition state and I normally don't need to define it in the init file but people running the game with the -ShowScriptError start parameter were constantly being spammed with undefined condition error messages. This doesn't have any effect on gameplay and was more of an annoyance for the people that have this start parameter as default - usually modders or mission makers and their testers.

  • v1.0.0
  • Added the ability for the player to sit down and rest, which will slowly heal minor injuries (damage to the player must be less than 33%). First Aid kits must still be used to treat any serious injuries first, otherwise the player will not be able to heal when they try to rest. You know you are healing when you see the word 'resting' in the top right corner of the screen, this fades away when back at full health.
  • Changed the trigger of how and where the infected will spawn to match the one used in the Altis Edition.
  • Made some more changes to the original scripting so that the infected will not spawn closer than 50M away from the player, this should help reduce the amount of them that magically appear within the player's field of view, especially when in open areas with very few trees and buildings present.
  • Increased the infected's chase distance by 20M to take into account the slightly longer spawning range, and also the fact that they're still well within what would be considered human spotting distance.
  • Added more items to the random loot spawns, including one of the new plate carriers with upper arm/deltoid and neck protection.

  • Credits & thanks:
    B. Robertson (aka Capt.Robertson / Baraban) and the Sentinel Team - Mission design and testing.
    Special Thanks To BobTom aka Craig and Corvobrok - Original Infected Scripts.
    IndeedPete - Conversation System.
    ZZEZ - Loadout Script.
    RonhillUltra and ThcMonkee - Esseker Map.
    BangaBob aka H8ermaker - Loot Script.
    Red Hammer Studios - Russian & US Equipment.
    CUP Team - Community Upgrade Project Terrain Complete

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