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#182824 Posted at 2015-09-25 02:06        
I have released a new mod for arma 3. It comes in @RTMS mod form and the script module. Here is the link:

What is it?
- The Rotation Menu System is a context based action menu, designed for external interaction with other objects.
- The system does not currently have a personal menu, but will in future updates.
- Any object, door, ladder, or hatch with a RTMS menu attached to it will present with a menu icon. If it's expandable, a fluid rotatable menu will appear for easy interaction
- All default external actions are already apart of the system, which means get in gunner, driver, ect, are all included.
- The Rotation Menu System is fully expandable and modifiable for any user, with an infinite menu structure. What this basically means is that a sub sub menu is always possible for any menu item. (see part 3 in tutorial).
- The system seems to work better than arma 3's action menu, especially for doors, gates, and other once confusing obstacles. Occlusion also seems to be better, where objects once use-able through walls are blocked in the Rotation Menu System.
- Making menus (see part 1,2 in tutorial) is relatively easy and powerful, and will allow object and class based custom menus.
- There may be some missing actions for special kinds of objects in the game, but hopefully through user feedback any bizarre special cases will be remedied.
- The system is fully script based, with no additional addons (besides CBA for the mod version), or dialogs, or strange initialization requirements; this means its vanilla (I have made it into a addon/mod as well)
- For the mod/addon version, you can still add and remove all your own menus at runtime. Basically, you have no loss of functionality besides adding/removing menus during RTMS's init process.

- Use the 4 arrow keys on bottom right of your keyboard. Up selects -> expands -> activates menu items. Down closes the menu in the opposite order. The side arrow keys flip through the different object icons around you, but then you have expanded an icon, the left and right arrow keys will spin the menu around.