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#183291 Posted at 2015-10-18 22:20        
Yes, I've implemented some of these camos (basically I did the first heli camo long ago, basing on the P1G-TAC "Varan" presentation video, you posted a screenshot from it among others because P1G-TAC guys wanted to include some footage from the game into their "Varan" promo video, with similar-looking equipment and stuff, but my FPS was too low so they didn't include the videos I shot to their promo).

I also made some other cool camos among the others (don't want to reveal beforehand, but it's somewhat similar to the one on pictures you posted, but a modernized version which looks totally cool IRL, had to spend couple of days working on it).

Now I'm already working on groups, probably I'll make more new camos later with other update or separately.

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