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#183576 Posted at 2015-10-28 15:02        
Hey, I just updated C2 to version 1.3

Full Changelog:

--- V1.3: ---

    Added: "Find Cover" feature available in radial menu
    Added: New 'Quick-Spread' formation option to send multiple units to different places with individual sectors much faster in planning mode
    Added: Auto Stance included in HUD mode
    Added: C2_ZEUS-Remote (Shift + LMB on a unit to remote control the group leader, including C2 functions)
    Added: Teamcolor Quick Selectors for HUD mode (F16-F19)
    Added: New Quick-Formation menu (default: Hold SHift + F) as an alternative to the default ~-7-x
    Added: Team Color unit selection available in radial menu
    Added: Simple Bluforce Tracker functionality added to tablet. Player-faction has moving markers, size is reflected, enemy groups can be targeted (rmb on marker)
    Added: Option to toggle controls in planning mode for more map visibility ("FN" hard-button on tablet frame)
    Added: Option to toggle force tracking in planning mode for more map visibility ("A0" hard-button on tablet frame)
    Added: Default A3 voice files are used to narrate what's happening
    Tweaked: Radial Menu has overhauled usability (hold down key, hover over areas, click on choice)
    Tweaked: Planning mode tablet does no longer close when orders are executed, this MASSIVELY facilitates complex usage and timing
    Tweaked: Looking Direction Marker and Lines are added at mouse-release rather than mouse-press
    Tweaked: Better orientation with Infantry Markers in tablet
    Tweaked: Num-Block toggle placed in middle of radial menu
    Tweaked: Radial Menu now starts with cursor at center screen
    Tweaked: Script Structure organized better and should be easier to navigate
    Fixed: View direction bug in planning mode (units were always looking at [0,0,0])
    Fixed: Disband to reserve / rejoin from reserve reserves function is fixed
    Fixed: Supression Function now works fine for most part
    Fixed: Tooltips in planning mode are now changing according to page
    Fixed: Useless frame removed from tablet interface
    Changed: Lock Indicator default keybind changed from T to L
    Changed: Supression Hotkey default changed from Y to T (in accordance with default A3 key-mapping)

@JCDenton, I have no idea what causes that problem.. the controls should show up under "Configure Addons". Try to update C2 and CBA and let me know if the issue persists.