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As far as I get this, you need the group leader of a group at any time from any computer right?

You don't have to name any units in the editor, there are tons of other ways to refer to the group leader.
//Picked the first player from the list of all players.
_unit = allPlayers select 0;

//The group leader of that player has to be the leader we're looking for.
_leader = leader _unit;
//Because this is really small a COOP mission, there's only a single group with players.

//Now you can use "_leader" anywhere for chat
_leader groupChat "Let's roll out!";

Also don't think of locality as functions that run on the host computer and client computers. There are also dedicated servers and headless clients, it get's really weird at a point, you should read what Pierre posted (In that order too). Except "Multiplayer framework", that page has outdated a lot.

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