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#184111 Posted at 2015-11-21 09:42        
Hi there fellow addicts,

I updated the addon to version 1.4 and am happy to say: I managed to realize a little dream of mine with the addon now being en par with it's role models.

Changelog 1.4:
  • Milestone: Hud mode indicators now snap to any surface. Buildings can use positions inside and outside (aim low for outside positions).
  • Added: Planning tablet now handles unlimited units via pages
  • Added: Units can be dragged on TeamColor buttons in planning tablet. Hold CTRL to drag multiple units.
  • Added: Running orders for HUD mode. Forward Peel: CTRL+SHIFT+RMB. Backward Peel: CTRL+ALT+RMB . Can be overridden.
  • Tweaked: HUD mode indicators were improved and now demonstrate unit orientation
  • Tweaked: Supression indicator snaps to any position of surface intersect, rendering mousewheel height obsolete
  • Tweaked: TeamColor buttons system was overhauled and now work in the same fashion as it does in the radial menu.
  • Tweaked: Tablet Tracker groups now receive correct group icons. Size is still reflected visually.
  • Tweaked: TeamColor buttons in planning tablet made bigger for better access
  • Fixed: 3D-Indicators are now removed if player gets killed
  • Fixed: Action menu disabled while positioning supression indicator
  • Fixed: F-Keys unit selection in Planning Tablet work again
  • Fixed: CTRL+SHIFT+F# to select units 11-20 in HUD mode works again
  • Fixed: Player no longer falsely takes command over a group he was joined into.
  • Manual updated

  • @Staff: Please feel free to re-host the video if interested.