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#184175 Posted at 2015-11-23 11:08        
# Mac781 : Hello Mad_Cheese. Ive been playing the Arma series for years. (I dont play multiplayer or online just SP in editor, mission making). There are some great Mods/Addons out there but in my opinion this is one of, if not the best ive seen/ played.Love the work you have done so far and looking forward to future versions. As a single player mission maker(even if you have multiple playable units in the squad)it adds so much more realism and makes it easier to achieve.Great Work!

Thank you very much sir! Even just one person getting that feeling is worth all the effort.

# RCMW : OK as no one else is having this problem I fully accept that it is simply me being blind, but what is the command to turn on HUD mode? I think everything is working, I get the radial menu and other such things fine but I am unable to get the HUD mode on.

I can see lots of commands in your documentation that work when HUD mode is on, but I can't see the actual command to turn it on. When tabbing in and out I did somehow turn it on, I could see the icons for my units, but could not order them.

Like I said I fully accept that this is me missing something, but could you help?

I'm not ashamed to admit that the documentation is the weakest link for sure, I'm not very good at it.
To select all units in HUD mode, Hold CTRL and hit F1. You can also deselect all units with that key bind. To add units 2-10, Hold CTRL and press F2-F10. To do select units 11-20, do the same but also hold down shift. The next version will get rid of all this, admittedly, unnecessary bullcrap. I'll just make CBA keybinds for everything which I should have done in the first place.