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#185008 Posted at 2016-01-03 22:02        
Hi there!

I updated the addon to version 1.4.1 :)


- ADDED: BuildingPos support for Planning Mode, including visualization of building positions (see updated manual)
- ADDED: Doorkickers style Go-Codes to Planning Mode (right click on waypoint, send order by tablet buttons)
- ADDED: New 3d unit-selection. CTRL+RMB on unit to select in A3, CTRL+ALT+RMB on unit for HUD selection
- ADDED: Simple AI rearm function added to radial menu
- FIXED: Drivers no longer get out of vehicle when player is commander in planning mode
- FIXED: Pilot now stays reactive when dismounting after final landing
- FIXED: When not on foot, HUD-indicators don't snap to player's vehicle anymore
- FIXED: Issue with force tracker markers hopefully fixed
- TWEAKED: HUD-mode selection changed to CBA keybinds for more customability
- TWEAKED: Mapline system completely reworked to be flexible
- TWEAKED: Tablet markers changed to dots for less clutter
- TWEAKED: Tablet interface can now also be closed via it's keybind
- TWEAKED: Maxed out AI skill can now be toggled off in init.sqf (MCSS_C2_ADJUSTSKILL = false;)
- TWEAKED: Manual updated with pictures, hopefully for better understanding.

Hope you enjoy ;)