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kneepads in the nvg slot are the same class name as in sp pack v2.5
kneepads in the glasses slot are
kneepads can be used in both slots to use with either glasses or nvg items.
Afghan camouflages all have been updated and a few added.
I am porting all my other packs over to this one, camouflage uniforms first with no flag patches.Using the afghan pack now may cause issues while using this pack.
I plan on removing the work uniform there is only a few,battle dress uniform looks better and equipment fits it better.

Sorry this update was late should ov been out last week as i promised, I apologize *DRINK*

Changelog V2.7

Updated : Kneepads now in glasses and nvg slot
Updated : Vest armor values
Added : Underwear 17 colors
Added : Diver Uniform black,Green,Tan,BlueDark,BlueFrost,GreenOlive,Grey,Hunter,Hunter2,NodUrban
Added : Recon Uniform black,Green,Tan,BlueDark,BlueFrost,GreenOlive,Grey,Hunter,Hunter2,NodUrban
Added : Tactical vest black,blue,green,tan,grey,white
Added : ChestRig vest black,green,tan,grey
Added : Flags Afghan Army1978,AirForce,205th/207thCorps,President,NationalPolice,CanadaArmy
Added : Insignia 32
Added : Uniforms 14 Afghan camouflages (no flag patches)

Included files:

Test mission included in download

Known issues:
Not that i'm aware of
Not tested in multiplayer

Credits & Thanks:
BIS for this great game
Arma community
Kiory (Balaclava Model)
Fuller (Coverall Model)
Dalai Lamar (SSh68 Net & Cover Rvmat)
Siege-A (uniforms duplicated in arsenal)
Pepe Hal (Unlocked Uniforms)

Arma3 Beta

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