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#185179 Posted at 2016-01-10 14:41        
# evil organ : All the best to you Sir, from a great admirer of your work. *DRINK*
Thanks *THUMBS UP*

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# Foxhound : Thanks again for the update mate :-)
The newest version is up on the frontpage
Thanks *THUMBS UP*

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# taro8 : Hey craig!

Glad to see that you are still working on this.

I have a request that may not be so small. Would it be possible to have the config's, that add new units to editor, be a separate pbo? I never use them and they really clog the editor. Would be great if it was optional.
clog the editor you mean the sp pack mission if so just remove them from the map and save the mission again, my units are under sp pack so should already be organized sorry if i miss understood and thanks *THUMBS UP*

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# SFOD-D_SNAKEBITE : Congrats for the release!
Thanks *THUMBS UP*