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#185640 Posted at 2016-01-26 03:21        

I updated the addon to version 1.4.2 :)



- ADDED: Planning Mode Waypoints/Looking Dir Markers of single units can now be dragged with LMB in real time! (exeption: Buildings, GoCodes)
- ADDED: Remote M203 function. Works just as supression but with GTI-grenade key
-> unit must have Gr-Launcher and sight on target. Selecting multiple units will filter a unit that has a shot.
- ADDED: If DEV-build (or >V1.54) is detected, unit's AUTOCOMBAT can be disabled in radial menu
- ADDED: Full stance control in radial menu
- ADDED: Building Click in Planning Mode now also shows door locations of a clicked building (direction not accurate)
- ADDED: Planning Mode mapcursor now shows relative direction
- FIXED: Waypoint conditions for buildings are now reliable enough for sequences!
- FIXED: Bug when unit finishes waypoint-session while player is extending it (Planning Mode)
-> lines now also behave accordingly
- FIXED: Rejoin from reserve works correctly again
- FIXED: Group Switch bug in campaign (player joins new group but is not leader)
- TWEAKED: Auto_Rearm function overhauled. units can now pick up a new primary weapon. Range extended to 120m
- TWEAKED: Color team Selection changed to RMB context menu until drag/drop bug is fixed
- TWEAKED: Suppression indicator is more visible again
- Manual updated