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Purple Night


SP or Coop. This is a very atmospheric stealth mission with a tweaked detection system. It is possible to finish it without engaging the enemy, and without beeing detected.
It is also possible to take out enemies without noticing the others, but since it's Arma; close-up-kills are out of the picture.
If you are noticed or seen, the enemy will react thereafter and the mission will change and get a lot more difficult.
The mission have some randomness, like the crashed UAV is on different locations, the enemy have random patrols, etc. etc., so each playthrough will be a bit different.
The mission have NO respawn. Just to add some nerve. The nerve is important here.

The AI is tweaked so they act like normal human beings, and not elite god-like soldiers that will pop you from 1 km away. Neither you or the AI have nightvision.
The detection system in this mission can be developed even more, so leave me a message if someone have awesome ideas!

Approximate time to finish the mission: 1 hour. (Depends on how sneaky you are)
No mods required.

Look at the screen shots below, play it and enjoy. I will be glad if you leave a comment.

Mission Briefing:
One of our most hi-tech intelligence-gathering drone is captured by insurgency forces. The UAV probably had a malfunction.
The plane is supposed to have a failsafe back-up system that automatically steers it back to base, but for some reason it went down and crashed.
Now some of our most successful and useful surveillance technology is in the wrong hands.
You are tasked to locate and destroy the drone wreckage before the insurgents can pull any information from it.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Future plans:
- Arsenal (you can choose your stealth outfit and weapons)
- Sniper/spotter locations. One of your team mates provide overwatch while the rest of the team does recon and then sneaks into the town.
- Different insertions. You can choose where your team will start. Then you can choose your strategy more freely.

Updates that may come in the future:
- Difficulty chooser (with a menu)
- Even more sophisticated detection system.
- More random events.

Future plans:
  • Difficulty chooser (with a menu)
  • Even more sophisticated detection system.
  • More random events.
  • More fancy space

  • Changelog:
  • Added: virtual arsenal for more loadout customization.
  • Added: Reconnaissance positions. You can provide overwatch while the rest of your team search around the town.
  • Removed: the ammobox at the church is removed. The benefits from the virtual arsenal overrides the need for the ammo box.
  • Tweaked: escape checkpoint.

  • Steam Workshop:
    - Subscribe

    Credits & thanks:
    FHQ Task Tracker
    Cyro's Spectator Script
    HallyG for ProgressBar example
    The great community!

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