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#186359 Posted at 2016-02-10 10:46        
Mod JackFrench
Faction Française pour Arma 3
Version: 20160209_040JF (release du 09/02/2016 )

site web Auteur :
Version: 20150209_040JF
* Modular Vests DLC Marksman
* IFV-6c Panther M, IFV-6c W Panther
* IFV-6a M Cheetah, Cheetah IFV-6a W
* CRV-6th Bobcat M
* M2A1 W
* M2A4 W
* T100 Varsuk W
* Long-range M320 Rifle version multicam, woodland, desert
* MK20 Series Version Woodland
* Updated Version 1.54 Personal Protection
* Backpack Arsenal are now empty (more practical to form his equipment)
* Improvements to certain textures units

News is up on the frontpage Armaholic and you can find our updated mirror here:


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