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#186514 Posted at 2016-02-15 06:52        
# Rasta : Well I`m having some problems starting this mod. I am familiar with mods since the first Operation Flashpoint but I cant get this one to work. I download the mod and CBA, enable them in the configuration screen in-game, restart the game, getting some error message(weapons_f_mark). From here on I am confused. How do I use the mod? The key bindings dont work at all and I cant change them in the addon controls. Looking forward to play this one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

hmm I don' know how to help. It works for everybody else and I can't see what you did wrong. If you just downloaded CBA it's most likely the latest version so I really have no idea... The key binds not working suggests a CBA issue tho, since that's what I use CBA for. Hope you get it to work mate!