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#188448 Posted at 2016-03-18 19:28        

I updated the addon to version 1.4.4 :)


- ADDED: HighCommand control page added to planning mode tablet. Waypoints can be moved and added on the fly.
-> units can be disbanded to HighCommand and rejoined to group. Includes non disbanded HC-groups
- ADDED: Custom HighCommand function added if player is not synced to HC-module. Functionality is very similar to default HighCommand (beta)
- ADDED: Waypoint loops added to planning mode (beta). Replaces the old Sync-Function. Sync is now exclusively done through Go-Codes.
- ADDED: New right click context menu in planning mode with more settings to adjust, interacts in real time.
- ADDED: Planning Mode waypoints can now be deleted individually
- ADDED: "FIRE ON MY LEAD" option added to ROE-Section of radial menu (selected units hold fire until player fires weapon)
- ADDED: "UNSTUCK AI" added to Radial Menu: Resets unit, teleports unit/vehicle to empty position if no line of sight to enemy within 200m. (TAB + SHIFT + MB)
- ADDED: Brain-Button on radial menu now resets stance and looking direction to "AUTO" (mini-macro)
- TWEAKED: Disable AutoDanger now cancels target before disabling AutoDanger, this has an impact on behavior.
- TWEAKED: Radial menu selects all units by default if selection was empty upon opening. Function Tweaked for convenient usage with TeamColors.
- TWEAKED: "AUTOCOMBAT" is automatically disabled for Helicopter Waypoints (Planning Mode)
- TWEAKED: Pilot's are excluded from re-enabling "AUTOCOMBAT" since it has no benefit to them
- TWEAKED: Planning Mode Waypoint-Markers slightly bigger now for better interaction
- TWEAKED: Disbanded HC groups can be joined back individually
- TWEAKED: Target orders assigned via tablet will now be distributed over crew (if they have a turret)
- FIXED: Re-joining units from reserve will no longer lose data of current planning session.
- FIXED: Vehicle drivers would dismount on disband/rejoin/refresh
- FIXED: Player's group would lose all knowledge of disband/rejoin/refresh
- Manual updated

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