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#191254 Posted at 2016-08-12 21:20        
Hey everyone, im new here and to arma modding in general, sorry if it was asked, i really tried to figure this out (four days to be exact) and googled and watched YT Tuts and guides. I just cant figure it out and need help.
I am a vet Fallout 3/NV and Skyrim modder if that matters.. B)

I tried a lot of tutorials on supply drop but theres none for supply drop when an airplane activates a trigger.
All i managed to do is enable the action for the player when the aircraft activates the trigger but i need the trigger to request the actual supply drop not to enable the player action menu and it needs to drop four one after the other. Its for a single player story im cooking up. The plane has its waypoints but it needs to drop 4 packages with custom inventory on the airfield. Please Help. :D

Also, is it possible to make hints 5 seconds? Couldnt find anything relevant about that. Those hints are really long on the screen. xDDDD ideally, if i could call from a trigger in OnAct something like:
hint "Gear Up!";
Sleep 5;
hint "Journal Updated";
Sleep 5;
hint "";

i saw leaving an empty hint command removes the hint but this code gives me errors. I thing the sleep command is making it error. Any way for something like that?

THANKS! Im liking this game and want to give it a go at modding.
So far i managed to figure the rest by my self and online. Ill be sure to post any other problems if i cant find solution if its ok.

Also, a step by step guide would be appreciated.

Edit, i wanted to ask about some addon creation guide but that chose not to yet until i figure this one out first but i forgote to change to a different Topic Section. I just realized. Im sorry, could a Admin or Moderator put this in the right place? Im really sorry!