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Life Supply

It looks that flying with a helicopter to the main island is no longer an option.
You need an alternative. More in briefing and intro.

This is the third episode from the campaign TANOA in BLACK.
The story of the PMC started in prologue continues on TANOA.

Previous episode

Prologue (mini-campaign - 4 episodes)

Main features:
* mission for 12 players.
* CUP goodies
* no respawn
* Terrain: TANOA
* Psycho’s aid system
* JIP compatible
* MP, coop

** It is possible to play it in SP but will be difficult. Save is not enabled.


Direct Download

Mods Required
• CUP: Weapons, Units, Vehicles, Terrains

Rate, comment or feed-back will be much appreciated.
Thank you for playing!

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