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HELLO and good to see that ArMaHolic still carries the flag for the best combat simulator in the PC world! im new to ArmA III but remember w much love Op FLASHPOINT that was just getting off the ground when such games as COUNTERSTRIKE, Battlefield and RAINBOW 6 were competing w the Original GHOST RECON and then GRAW.

unfortunately for the last six years ive been playing TANKS and now that ive been totally disillusioned im ready to return and and am now looking to join another will trained and tightly knit TEAM as i was w PHOENIX SOLDIERS, Brothers in Honor and the Alpha Squad.

i need training but im committed and have the time to be totally dedicated to becoming elite at the effort. if theres anyone out there willing to take on a new, VERY SERIOUS recruit, id appreciate the call up.

TS3 =

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