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Siege of Athira


Persistent survival PVE/PVP SP/Hosted MP (10 players)/Dedicated MP mission (10 players)

It is something I always wanted to play. Basically you are surviving NATO soldier in besieged town. Town is besieged by CSAT and inside you are trapped with few surviving guerrillas resistance. Groups/singles of guerrillas fight each other in town and you need to go out from your hideout under town to find equipment and food. Food is found at houses furniture and equipment usually on dead bodies or guerrilla secret boxes scattered around town.

Every raid that last 90m you need go out and then find shelter entrance randomly scattered around the town to get back to your underground hideout. If you die in town everything you had with you is lost and you born as new NATO survivor. Everything that is stored in hideout stash is safe for your next life. You cannot escape town cos CSAT snipers and there is zone between town and factory that you need be careful to cross it. During night you can use chemlights and attach it on you or wait for CSAT flare for snipers above town or use gun lamp or if lucky NVG.

Only vanilla ARMA 3 is needed. No mods and no DLCs are required. Your progress is saved automatically in SP/MP.

Enjoy and report all experience/bugs/ideas. As I am not native please report any text corrections needed.
Steam Workshop link
Mission file with source and sample dedicated server settings
Paypal donation (will be used to keep server running)

Official server:

* Improved Guerilla Boss spawning
* Added missing Guerilla Boss beret to trader list

* Added random Guerilla Boss with his guards - they can be identified by their uniforms based on former AAF uniforms - they are elites, sharp and have good guns!
* Rebalanced scoring
* Fixed situation when AI forgets to go prone over sniper fields

* Added hint to open MAP>TASKS for deal info as it was not so clear for players where to deliver/pickup stuff

* Fixed "*** <NULL-object> killed 4945e400# 1814759: cratesplastic_f.p3d" caused by badly positioned furniture
* Added abandoned cars with random loot
* Added Protector SMG
* Added AKM
* Fixed SMG sound silencers for AI

* Code loops optimization
* Trader added - you need find radio and bring it back to shelter
* Completely voiced trader and player
* CSAT UAV loiters above town during a day when CSAT SF team is deployed (green flare during a night)
* AI sets flashlight off when it finds and wears NVG
* AI loots weapons from dead bodies
* Added SMG sight versions

* Enhanced player positioning at spawn
* Fixed bug causing AI that decided to loot dead body gets killed before it finishes looting will never be looted by other AIs

* Added mission parameters that can be changed in MP Lobby parameters dialog for hosted MP or via params class in dedicated server config file

* Added option to clear corresponding SP/MP save data from user profile - use hideout white plastic canister
* Reworked save system - old saves will be converted automatically
* Added Player is renegade indication to shelter status
* Added basic random loot spawning
* AI doesn't wear NVG during day and equip/un-equip NVG accordingly to night/day cycle
* Added COMBAT REALISM SCRIPTS By Phronk (Fragmentation Grenade)
* Added Mag-Repack by Outlawled (default key Ctrl+R)
* City buildings damage is always same (always same pseudo random seed)
* CSAT Drone added to scoring system
* Attached chemlights are removed upon extraction
* Fixed bad animation (take a launcher anim instead draw pistol) after body search (vanilla ARMA 3 anim bug)
* Reworked search body result notification
* Added notification when you beat your top score or added to server Top Ten

* Reworked score system
* Added detailed score report after successful extraction
* Balanced taunt sound volumes

* Fixed stash crate content duplication for containers with predefined content - for example backpacks

* Upped little AI NATO Survivors skill
* Added MIA (Missing In Action) outcome when player quits or runs out of raid time when in Town
* Added end of raid effect - it have something to do with CSAT secret operations around town

* Fixed constant FPS loss over time caused by breath fog script

* Added new voice taunts especially for AIs with covered mouth with bandana

v 1.72
* Added more AI taunt voices

* Added random AI taunts
* Little internal code beautification

* No bad karma for killing renegade players

* Added random AI NATO renegade survivors

* Fixed player UI inits too early in MP - no more mission UI superimposed over loading screen
* Added random friendly AI NATO survivors - think twice before pull the trigger or accept consequences

* Fixed multiple dying screams upon death that caused scary cacophony

* Random damage to all houses to improve better siege atmosphere

* Added random MRD pistol sight to guerilla weapon boxes

* AI faction changes - no more blue side guerilla

* CSAT NVGs are newer type - not degraded - another reason to hunt them down

* CSAT SF team uses IR beams during night
* Breath fog effect is now applied to CSAT SF team

* Added breath fog (for example during heavy rain)
* Fixed zone snipers never activate
* Extraction is aborted when player became INCAPACITATED

* Town exits limited to 3
* AI searches buildings now
* Fixed sniper zones evaluation for AI
* AI count set to 12

* Added mine signs to Dead Zone (originally CSAT minefield - now cleared) between town and factory.
* Various scenery updates
* Reworked hunger effect - bit more serious when ignored
* Added hunger status into shelter status bar

* Snipers always miss with first round to warn victim (player)
* Added AKS and AK-12 to random weapon caches

* Reworked town entry points
* CSAT SF Team insertion more rare
* Random weapon caches limited to 2

* Fixed NVG when shelter camera view is activated
* Even more rare AI food loot
* Less AI in town

* Reworked search result form hint into pop-up notification
* Added possibility to abort search action with any movement keys (W/A/S/D by default)
* Fixed low stamina effects wrongly applied to new character after death
* AI now steals NVG goggles from dead bodies
* Fixed first person forcing

* Player starts sitting on sleeping bag now

* AI with food is more rare now
* Added additional INCAPACITATED check to player alive checks
* Added Vermin SMG integral flashlight attachment as default (ARMA 3 update changed it to optional attachment)

* Added more car wrecks and barricades

* AI waypoint fixes

* Added C to change camera angle to shelter camera so you can enjoy your backpack now

* Added custom CSAT leaflet
* Fixed blank leaflets on the ground after JIP connect

* During a windless rainless day CSAT drops leaflets over city

* AI clothes and backpacks expanded a little

* Another try to fix unstable weather

* Lowered default guerrilla limit to 10
* Added KIA notification
* Reinforced player state save

* Removed forgotten debug text

* Fixed weather to not change back to calm over time
* Removed Rabbits & Snakes

* AI searches and loots dead bodies now

* Changed AI loadouts and loot to make a bit more challenging to get geared up
* Added some new starting positions

* Added CSAT SF Recon team to scoring (Worth of 100 point + 500 if dogtag is collected)

* Ooops! Running main mission timer twice - on server and also on client. Fixed now.

* Removed forgotten debug code ;)

* Reworked mission timing to honor singleplayer pause
* Fixed one badly placed stray weapon box

* Fixed green flare during CSAT SF Recon team deployment

* Fixed bug that prevented CSAT SF Recon team to actually appears
* AI use chemlights randomly during night
* Optimized static scenery objects

* AI has only weapons with light during night

* Fixed bug in AI generator

* Enhanced AI waypoint completion
* Added random CSAT SF Recon team insertion and town sweep

* Added little present for fashion geeks - check hand camera on hideout table

* Removed leftover temp scenery
* Fine-tuned CSAT night flare
* Food is more rare to be carried by AI

* More robust "Search Body" and "Take Food" actions
* Fixed "Search Body" action so first player that searches it doesn't block action forever for all other players
* Release!

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