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#197907 Posted at 2017-09-16 07:57        
@ aliascartoons,

Got your update (1.03) & transferred my intro camera work into it. It ran the video flawlessly. All timings were correctly maintained. This script is right on the mark for beginners like myself.

But at the end of the video, after the good luck message, I still have the same problem. The camera will not return control to the game to continue the mission. It just locks up, showing the back of the player units head. Cannot regain mouse &/or keyoard control. It is as if the camera is not being destroyed.

I tried an experiment & pressed "play intro" without calling any script. All I saw was the back of the player units head with the same lockup. I did notice the unit in the intro mission walk past the player unit & perform as he was supposed to.

Noticed both intro scripts were made in the scenario phase of the editor. When playing the camera in the scenario phase both versions (1.02 & 1.03) of the script return control to the player.

So, I copied all the mission data (1.03) into the intro phase. Deleted all the data from the scenario phase except the player unit. Left him in the same position.
When I executed the play intro button, it loaded the graphic, Upon entering the intro, it immediately locked up, just showing the back of the player units head.

When the BIS camera is destroyed in the intro phase of the editor, I remember a page where in the lower right corner you pressed the continue button & continued on into the mission.

Is your script supposed to behave in the same way? Did BIS make changes that I am unaware of??

Any help will be greatly appreciated.....