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#197918 Posted at 2017-09-18 21:08        
I.m trying to get this script to work but have some questions about just what to do. Please help if You can.

I have the Grey Eagle drone working. I wish to rearm, refuel aand repair it on a A3 Apex Stratis map. However, I may be doing something wrong or just don't understand the instalation instructions.

Installation / Usage:
- Place a trigger on your map. The defined area of the trigger in the editor translates to the area a vehicle must enter to be serviced.------ OK Did that no problem.

- Ensure that the trigger is set to be activated repeatedly and may be activated by anyone or whomever you wish it to be activated by. -----OK Did that no problem.

- For land vehicles, place this in the trigger conditions
("LandVehicle" countType thislist > 0) && ((getpos (thislist select 0)) select 2 < 1)

I did'nt use theis part because I don't have any land vehicles on the map as of yet.

Question: Is trigger condition the same as init field?

- For air vehicles, place this in the trigger condition and replace triggername with the name of the trigger:
(getPos ((list triggername) select 0) select 2) <= 1

Question here: Do i have to give the trigger a name? Above I see "LandVehicle" used in the landvehicle script. Do i name the airvehicle "AirVehivle" ?

- Place the following into the Trigger On Act field.
_xhandle= (thislist select 0) execVM "x_reload.sqf"; OK Did that no problem.

Last Question: Do I have to do the below steps if I'm just trying to test the script out in the Eden Editor?
This ensures that the script fires upon trigger activation.

- Copy & Paste the included x_reload.sqf into your mission file.
- Export your mission to pack it into a PBO. Enjoy!
Please Help? DBD