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#197930 Posted at 2017-09-19 21:39        
Thank's for the help XianGrim and F2kSel. I heed to get some things your posts above.

1. I will name the trigger "repair_trig" as XiamGrim suggests. The picture of the activation box listed above is too small fro me to read even with a magnifying glass. Can you please tell me what to put in the required Activation box fields. i.e.

Trigger Nane = repair_trig

Trigger Conditions = (getPos ((list triggername) select 0) select 2) <= 1

Trigger On Act field. = _xhandle= (thislist select 0) execVM "x_reload.sqf"

This is what I think I'm suppose to from the reply from XiamGrim. Please confirm or correct me. If you can list just what I need to place in each box that would be very helpful. Than's again DBD

P.S. F2kSel, I'm not a programmer so I will take a closes look at You reply after i get a better understanding of XiamGrim's reply. Or maybe You can answer some of my current ?'s. All of the instalation instructions that I listef on my first post are from the original scrip. I only know how to follow directions but sometimes the directions (in this case) are sorta vague for noobs like me.