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SO, VME got their PLA standrad issued QCW05 SMG with 5.8mm. I'm working on a export version of the QCW05, the JS 9mm, this is the QCW05 calibered with 9×19mm DAP92-9 (chinese made 9mm ammo) and 9×19mm Parabellum, mainly for export, but the SWAT unit of Shanghai Police Department also use this 9mm version in real life

My goal is to make it compatible with the villian 9mm magazines in Arma3 used for EVO3 and PDW-2000, also maybe make it compatible with the 9mm magazines from popular mods, e.g NIArms, RHS, CUP etc.

Right now the basic model and texture was finished, working on the animation and config.

WIP pics, note that this is not the finally work, model and textures may be re-worked soon.( and yes I noticed the in game model is a little bit bigger than real life, but this is a very easy issue to be fixed soon)

and, sry for my bad English XD


some real life pics I use as references.

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